Teresa Hart, owner and financial advisor of Hart Financial Group always knew she was meant to work with individuals and families in a large capacity.

“I began my career in 2005. My journey started by uploading my resume to Monster.com and shortly thereafter being hired in a local financial advisor’s office,” said Teresa. “It wasn’t something I was planning, but the pieces fell into place when an office opened up. I decided to obtain my licenses and insurance licensing so I could help people in a more in-depth capacity.” 

A major part of Teresa’s practice is helping couples navigate their wealth. She strives for her clients to be just as excited about building wealth as they are when planning their wedding. 

Hart shares more about herself and financial advice for newlyweds.

“I thank God everyday for the lives I get to be a part of and witnessing the generational effects that financial planning can have.”

Teresa Hart

5 Questions with Hart

Do you have an uncommon financial tip for newlyweds?

Consider taking Financial Peace University (FPU). FPU is a nine-lesson course that teaches you how to save for emergencies, pay off debt fast, spend wisely, and invest for your future. We have a ton of fun in a relaxed, safe space. Many of my couples tell me it should be a mandatory pre-marriage class.

What should be the first financial step in married life?

Communicate. Before, during and after you’re married about your finances. Share the good, the bad and the ugly. Starting your marriage with this type of intimate conversation is imperative. Over a candle lit dinner or pillow talk, whisper words of wealth to each other.

Why should people consider a prenup?

Feeling protected is something most people cherish. Neither spouse should be offended when asked to discuss and sign a prenup. Years ago, most times the man asked for the pre-nup. In more recent years, the woman is in a position of wealth and assets and is the one initiating that conversation.  We need to come to the realization it’s no longer taboo to have this discussion. Again, make it an intimate conversation based on protection for one another and protection for future children.

Services Include

Specialize in comprehensive financial planning and all that goes with it. From budgeting, debt payoff, protection planning, wealth accumulation, and income planning.

What else are you passionate about?

My greatest passions, besides my work, are my children, helping others when I can, and pickleball.

What is next for you?

I’m excited to be taking on some new leadership roles within my broker dealer as well as starting classes this fall for my Behavioral Finance Designation. I have also been tossing the idea around of starting a podcast called Your Financial Pulse. That is still in the works. I am going to continue to help people the best way I know how, guiding them towards financial freedom and ultimately living a life of financial wealth.

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