Cahri and Dustin both started new jobs at Biolife in Fargo, N.D. in 2011. On their first day, stuck in a tiny conference room, the couple got to know each other even though they were supposed to be reading through policies.

Eight years later, Dustin proposed to Cahri on an ice fishing trip to Lake Audubon with Dustin’s parents.

“I quickly reeled up the line, and to my surprise it was a big, plastic, diamond ring,” said Cahri.

The couple shared their story, along with details of their engagement session in the Black Hills.

“Every time we were together or talked, we grew closer. Everything felt so right and just fell into place.” – Cahri

What were you doing the day Dustin proposed?
Dustin and I decided to go ice fishing with his parents. However, he had to do a little convincing to get to go. I was in the mood to stay snuggled up by the fire at home!

How would you describe your wedding style in three words?
Classy, simple, and rustic.

Cahri + Dustin’s Top Advice for Engagement Sessions

+ Don’t plan a ton of outfit changes. We just had two different outfits and that was perfect.

+ Check the weather beforehand.

+ Don’t be nervous! Go into the session having fun and being yourselves.

How did you prepare for your engagement shoot?
I chose my outfits first and then we picked out Dustin’s to match. Of course it only took him about five minutes to choose his outfits. It was winter, so we dressed pretty warm, but we definitely did not prepare for how cold it actually was. Good thing our photographer came prepare and brought hand and boot warmers for us! What was a special moment during your shoot?
C: Well, I think the cold weather was our silver lining that day, because it turns out that trying to keep each other warm makes for some pretty nice pictures. It was also pretty memorable that we were taking our engagement pictures on frozen lakes (Sylvan Lake and Stockade Lake) because we got engaged on a frozen lake.

Photography by studio lb.