When choosing the perfect menu for your wedding, keep the Holiday Inn Sioux Falls- City Centre in mind for both the venue and catering service. 

Weddings at the Holiday Inn include a catered dinner, a ballroom rental, decorations, a wedding planner, round or rectangular tables, dishware, head table staging, cake service, a dance floor, and more. 

The guests of honor can have a hands-off day with a full-service wait staff, bussers, and setup team, along with a staffed, full-service bar offering beer, wine, and hard liquor. 

“We offer a lot of variety from our catering menu to our restaurant menu,” said April McCormick, assistant director of sales and sales manager. “Our chefs take a lot of pride in what they do, and we’re always looking for unique ideas.” 

Options range from Grille 100 items to larger catering dishes, which are geared more towards buffet-style food. 

“We take it a step up as a hotel,” said McCormick. “We have a full menu selection: from shrimp to steak to prime rib to multiple kinds of chicken.” 

One of the client-favorite plated entrées is the Skewered Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops, which comes with three skewers rubbed in sweet BBQ and baked with caramelized brown sugar. 

“With our banquet menu, we’re well known for our Flank Steak,” said McCormick. “Everybody loves it. It’s a No. 1 top seller.” 

The Flank Steak is a traditional buffet option marinated, sliced, and served with a choice of either rich merlot demi sauce topped with button mushrooms or Jack Daniel’s roasted garlic whiskey sauce. 

More on the Menu

View more options online including late night bites, rehearsal dinners, pre-wedding platters, brunch, and more. 


+ Pork Belly Romesco
House romesco sauce, fried sous vide pork belly, pickled red onion, flashed spinach, and mozzarella cheese—all layered on baked lavash and finished with a balsamic reduction and green onions.  

+ Shrimp Tacos 
Grilled shrimp tossed with house slaw veggies in a sweet chili sauce, nestled in warm grilled tortillas, and topped with fresh avocado. 

Dinner Buffets

+ Elegance Buffet 
Chef-carved, garlic-encrusted prime rib with a choice between creamy parmesan garlic chicken, chicken mariner, or BBQ bacon-wrapped gouda chicken and sides of black truffle red jacket potatoes, green beans almondine, fresh dinner rolls, and mixed garden salad. 

Specialty Meals
(Meals for dietary restrictions)

+ Portobello Mushroom
A large portobello mushroom overflowing with vegetable ratatouille and a French-stewed vegetable dish. (Gluten Free and Vegetarian) 


+ Spiced Santa-Gria 
A holiday Sangria filled with fresh apples and orange slices and topped with merlot, brandy, sparkling cider, simple syrup, and a hint of cinnamon. 

+ French 75 
A citrusy sparkling gin cocktail that packs a punch and is laced with a tapestry of gin and champagne bubbles, lemon juice, and simple syrup. 


+ Dessert Nacho Bar 
Cinnamon-sugar-dusted sopapilla chips served with cream cheese sauce and assorted toppings. 

+ Gourmet Donuts 
Choose from seven different options of donut orders, including a few from Flyboy Donuts. 

For a bit of a kick, get the Cajun Chicken & Sausage Pasta, which is made with penne, julienne chicken, andouille sausage, onions, peppers, and mushrooms—all tossed in a Cajun alfredo. 

For those searching for a vegetarian option, one is the Caramelized Artichoke Lavash Flatbread.

2022 All-Inclusive Wedding Package

If you’re planning a wedding for any time in 2022, the Holiday Inn Sioux Falls-City Centre is offering an All-Inclusive Wedding Package. For $5,000 plus tax, get a wedding planner, social hour, dinner, and full-service bar for 150 guests. Additional guests can be added for $21.95 per person.

“It’s got a merlot-infused cream, black olives, roma tomatoes, and mushrooms—all topped with mozzarella, feta, and toasted panko mix,” said executive sous-chef Adam Censky.

Specialty dinner buffets are also available for a more casual dining experience.

Top Piece of Advice from McCormick

Always be present in your day. Let the stress of planning a large once-in-a-lifetime event fall on us. 

“We can offer a full Italian buffet, [Pasta Napoli,] which is something very classic with a little for everyone, including chicken and prime rib, or you can try something exciting like our Island Hawaiian Style buffet, which includes cinnamon-roasted pineapple,” said McCormick.

The catering options also include a selection of petite desserts, which are fit for guests to grab on their way to the dance floor.

Toasted Marshmallow S’mores are like a graham cracker shell, chocolate fudge, topped with a marshmallow cream, and toasted with a torch,” said executive chef Jeff DeJong.

Other bite-sized snacks to satisfy a guest’s sweet tooth include Key Lime Cheesecake, Oreo Cheesecake, and Peanut Butter Brownie Bites.

With these options and more, DeJong says that the culinary team is curating a menu that isn’t easily found in the area, while offering “trendy” options.

“I like doing things you wouldn’t think of and bringing that to the menu: stuff that you don’t see. I look at menus at other restaurants to know what not to serve,” said Censky.

For more information, visit dtsfholidayinn.com.