Planning your wedding can be stressful, to say the least. Where should you being? What professionals should you use?

What if it all could be decided in one place? That’s exactly what you get at the wedding co-op studio, Uptown Events in Sioux Falls.

The idea of camaraderie was what drew Brandi Goebel of b. invited to the group in 2015.

“I loved the idea of local business owners supporting and promoting other local business owners,” she said.

Many of the professionals work out of the studio, like Jeremy and Sara Brech of DJ Jer Events & Lighting Design.

“I love the element of surprise! Couples who love to surprise their guests, or better yet, be surprised (in a good way) with moments created for them by loved ones such as voiceovers, special music, flash mob dances, etc., it’s something memorable added to their wedding they didn’t have to plan.” – Jeremy, DJ Jer Events & Lighting Design

“We were flattered and excited to be selected to be in this co-op of Sioux Falls’ finest wedding professionals,” said Jeremy. “We saw this as a great opportunity to network and as an opportunity to help our clients find other great wedding professionals when planning their wedding.”

Other vendors are members, but are off location, like Amanda Nelson of Blue Haven Barn and Gardens.

“We were attracted to the group because the members are all top level event professionals providing high quality services with high standards,” said Nelson.

The group stresses the importance of collaboration, which Jeremy said is only possible with trust.

“We trust one another to do what’s best for the client and all have their best interest at heart,” he said. “We have each other’s backs and are willing to help out to achieve the best results for our clients.”

Top Tips from Uptown

+ Be a guest at your own wedding.

+ Honeymooners get a lot of nice amenities on vacation. Make sure you get them, along with great tips from an expert who has been to your desired destination.

+ Lighting is the most impactful and cost-effective decor for any venue.

+ Prioritize your budget so you know exactly what you want to spend in each category.

But Uptown Events wants couples to know there is no pressure to hire them all. Even if the couple hires just one vendor it’s no issue. Member Loghin Welch of Serendipitous Events said it’s great when they do get the chance to combine forces, though.

“I personally love that we get to know each other so well that working together is so easy,” she said. “On wedding days, we know exactly what each person will be doing so we’re confident nothing will be missed and our couples will be well taken care of. I think it is so important in the wedding industry to collaborate, because couples want a good, cohesive team that will be working their wedding.”

“Personally, I’m loving the modern trends that are coming back. Velvet and textures, black chic, and big florals are on the horizon for 2020, and we’re so excited about it.” Loghin, Serendipitous Events

Jason Fuccello of Refractor Films joined the group in 2018 and said the best part of hiring any of them as wedding professionals is that each member has a solid background in the state (and some worldwide).

“Uptown provides couples with confidence and comfort in knowing that everyone here has years of experience, is highly rated, and works flawlessly together,” he said.

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