There’s no way around it–wedding planning can be exhausting. From the engagement to the big day, couples face the stress of budgeting, planning, booking, and organizing. But there’s a team in Sioux Falls that say they want to make your day smooth: the staff at Icon Event Hall. 

Icon Event Hall is also home to Dada Gastropub, opened in 2020 and managed by Parker’s Restaurant Group. The restaurant, known for its local art and eclectic style, is an eatery and full-service bar in downtown.

Though separately they are an event center and a restaurant, together they form a full-service wedding venue, simply called Icon.

Icon offers a place to have a wedding ceremony and reception, dining, drinks, and dancing or entertainment. What’s more, each wedding at Icon is supported by a staff of committed professionals.

Icon Event Manager Nathan Sadler puts it this way: “Weddings at Icon are the complete package. We are personally invested in each of the weddings we host being an amazing experience.”

Icon offers three separate spaces that can be booked individually or together for a full venue event: The Event Hall, The Rock Garden Room, and Dada Gastropub.

“An event that books at ICON has a full team supporting them from the beginning to end and that is so special.”

Rebecca Squyer

Each space has its own strengths. The Event Hall is ideal for larger receptions while the Rock Garden Room, with its private loft, is perfect for a more intimate ceremony. The Dada Gastropub side of Icon is unforgettable for drinks, dancing, and entertainment.  

Any one of these venues can be reserved for your special day, but Icon Manager Taylor Newcomb-Weiland highly recommends booking all three together. 

“It is a service industry unlike all the others. You’re not just serving food and drinks, you are making memories and magic.”

Taylor Newcomb-Weiland

“To be able to book Icon out, in its entirety, feels like a big flex,” she muses. “It feels exclusive and you get top notch service and product along with it.”

Icon’s Director of Marketing Rebecca Squyer agrees, noting the venue’s versatility: “on one side you’re able to showcase a more traditional decor theme with brick and quartz, wood pillars and warm lighting, and on the other side you’re blasted with eccentric artwork, bright colors, and mixed media everywhere.” 


+ Event Hall
An elegant and historical space that seats up to 300 guests. Ideal for private and ticketed events and wedding receptions.
+ Rock Garden Room Annex & Loft
A smaller sister hall that can accommodate 50 seated guests and 100 standing guests. Has a fully furnished loft with a private entrance
which can be used as a bridal suite. Ideal for concerts, yoga classes, business meetings, graduations, bridal and baby showers,
and private dinner parties.
+ Dada Gastropub
An eclectic, art-filled space. Ideal for entertaining, dinner and bar service, and dancing.

Squyer says it’s impossible to be bored with the venue and that there are so many possibilities for using the space.

Not only will Icon Events host your wedding, they’ll also cater it. As Newcomb-Weiland says, “if you want your event done right, you will feed your guests a good meal and they will talk about it for the next decade.”

The dining services focus on sourcing food of amazing quality, explains Newcomb-Weiland.

“Sauces and sides are made from scratch, veggies are made fresh, and if your budget allows, as local and as fresh of ingredients as possible,” she says, adding that the staff is extremely flexible and works with a wide range of budgets.

“We have a big, fun and unique space that we’re able to work with for almost any kind of event.”

Nathan Sadler

Additionally, Icon Events has their own liquor license–a rarity in the venue industry. Newcomb-Weiland notes that most couples have to outsource their products and the venue staff can only offer beer and wine. 

At Icon Events, however, couples have an infinite amount of choices and a full bar. Additionally, bartender Paul Squyer often designs and customizes drink menus for clients.

Located in the heart of downtown Sioux Falls, Icon Events is an accessible destination for every stage of a wedding. Yet the venue is not just for weddings.

“Hosting a full-venue event with ICON is the best way to experience the full range of character and history the building has to offer.”

Nathan Sadler


+ Icon Event Hall  is a decade old.

+ Icon Event Hall has a full liquor license.

+ The Dada Gastropub is named after the Dada art movement from the early 1900’s that encouraged “thinking outside the box.” Dadaism rejected the logic, reason, and aestheticism of modern capitalist society, instead expressing nonsense, irrationality, and anti-bourgeois.

Newcomb-Weiland details a hypothetical week for the team: “We could have a 300 person event on a Wednesday followed by an intimate and labor intensive multi-course dinner on a Thursday, followed by a concert on a Friday, followed by a full venue wedding on a Saturday.”

While the events change with every week, something that will never change is the support that the staff offer for their clients. 

“For the last 10 years, we have gone out of bounds for every event we host and the only thing I want people to know is that we do it because we care,” says Newcomb-Weiland.

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