The process of planning a wedding can be overwhelming. It is often difficult to find the right venue, caterer, decorations, and equipment to achieve the perfect day. 

But what if planning a wedding could all be done in one place? 

Located in Brookings, the Swiftel Center does exactly that. The 30,000-square-foot arena acts as a one-stop shop that offers a variety of in-house, full-service amenities for events, such as weddings. 

“One thing that is great about the Swiftel Center is that we have a dedicated event manager to help with wedding planning,” said Swiftel Center director of marketing Ashley Biggar

Multi-purpose Facility

The Swiftel Center is home to a variety of events like concerts, galas, benefits, and rodeos. 

Biggar says they will guide clients every step of the way. In the initial meeting, the event manager plans a tour, answers questions, and determines what space is most suitable for the couple’s vision.

Clients are able to choose from a variety of spaces to accommodate guest lists from 50 people to 5,000 people. 

The Swiftel Center allows the bride and groom to have creative control over their spaces. The venue provides staple pieces, including chairs, tables, lights, and drapings. Clients then have the option to add finer details to match their desired style. 

“If the couple wants glitz and glamor or something more modern and simplistic, we can do that,” said Biggar.

“People come to the Swiftel Center to be educated, be entertained, or to celebrate.”

Ashley Biggar

If a piece of equipment is not offered within their in-house options, the Swiftel Center will work with outside vendors. 

“We have a lot of great partners around the area,” said Biggar. 

Biggar adds that their event manager will be the point of contact for other vendors leading up to and on the day of the wedding. Additionally, couples have the option to decorate the rooms themselves or bring in a decorator of their choice. 

“We work with the couples and the other parties involved, helping make their vision a reality within our space,” said Biggar.

Clients don’t need to stress about food or drinks, as the venue offers in-house catering services. Prior to the wedding, the Swiftel Center works with clients to curate the perfect menu.

“Every couple is so unique and different. We’re able to accommodate and help with whatever they want.”

Ashley Biggar

“We provide a complimentary tasting so couples can try options they would like to have,” said Biggar. 

As a special option, couples can customize the recipes by modifying them to meet their preferences or bring their own to recreate during the tasting. All wedding dining and service will be taken care of by the in-house food and beverage department, but couples may bring their own wedding cake. 

Biggar says clients are able to rest easy knowing that the event manager and staff have everything under control and are supported. 

Piece of Advice from Ashley

“Utilize those resources and people that are there to help you. We’re there to serve you, so you can be the least involved in the actual day itself, be present, and really enjoy it.”

“Our team wakes up every morning and they’re excited about helping and being a part of your big day,” said Biggar. 

By stepping in and helping out with anything and everything, Biggar says the Swiftel Center team ensures the success of their client’s big day because there is only one.

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