“Our culinary backgrounds enable us to tailor your wedding menu to practically anything you want,” said chef Jordan Taylor

After Taylor and Barry Putzke had so much success with Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen and Pizza Cheeks in downtown Sioux Falls, they were getting an influx of catering requests that they had to turn down. 

In an effort to fill the demand for a “boutique” caterer that offers specialized gourmet options, they began En Place Catering in fall of 2021. 

“Since we’re full service, we can handle your rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour appetizers, bar set up, dinner, and even post-wedding brunch,” said Taylor.

The chef-driven company strives to find the best meal combinations based on your budget and the quality ingredients that are in season around your event date.

Ben Birnstiehl | Head Chef of En Place Catering

“Fresh, seasonal ingredients taste better, are healthier, and have more personality than something you’ll find in a can,” said head chef Ben Birnstiehl. “I enjoy experimentation and using new culinary styles and techniques, and our open-ended menus allow me to dabble in a wide spectrum of cuisines.”

No matter the season, the end product will consist of unique, elegant options. 


En Place services also include catering corporate, social, and nonprofit events. 

“You’ll work with our catering director to plan unique menus for your event,” said Taylor. 

Getting started with En Place, the couple would sit down with catering director Traci Hoem, and decide on a menu. From there, they’ll get a chance to taste their selections before the menu is finalized. 

Birnstiehl says items they serve could include “harvest tables, passed or stationary appetizers, dinner buffets, plated dinners, multi-course prix fixe, continental breakfast, or brunch.” 

“You name it. We can do it,” he added. 

“One of the best parts about being a boutique catering company is being able to work with what our clients want.” -Head Chef Ben Birnstiehl

Appetizers can be either hot or cold. The Ahi Tuna Poke is cold and can be made with white miso, sesame, and crispy wontons. One example of a hot appetizer is the Korean Pork Belly Skewer, which could be prepared with kimchi aioli and sesame. 

Top Piece of Advice from En Place

Try to agree on what is important to you as a couple. For some couples, that’s a great DJ or the perfect venue. For our customers, it’s typically memorable food. They are doubling down to create a customized culinary experience for their big day. 

For those opting for plated dinners, get inspiration from the Vodka Sauce Lasagna with goat cheese and herbs or from the Roasted Duck Breast that can be paired with butternut squash bread pudding, miso-braised bok choy, and Thai basil.

Other menu options could be an entrée like Gnocchi Cacio e Pepe with basil or Kale and Maitake Mushroom Spanakopita with goat cheese tzatziki, which is another appetizer. 

“We get a lot of happiness from being able to give people something unique and enjoyable, especially on such an important day,” said Birnstiehl. 

Choose a dish they already have listed on the sample menus or work with them to create something entirely your own. 

“We want to create food that you’re proud of, but also provide friendly team members that you can trust to interact with your guests,” said Birnstiehl. 

For more information, visit enplacecatering.com.