“I think a lot of new businesses or big life changes for families these last two years started with COVID,” said Allie McLouth, owner of new venue space Prosper Country Warehouse & Event Hall.

For Allie, opening a modern event space in her small community of Lennox has always been an idea lingering in the back of her mind.

Alongside Allie is her husband and co-owner, Dustin, and the two have worked together to help her dream come to life.

“Prosper Warehouse & Event Center is a modern, industrial warehouse in a sea of barns,” said Allie. “While I adore the barns we have located near Sioux Falls, I wanted to bring some diversity to the venue scene.”

The personally designed event space was curated to host various events, but weddings are under Prosper Country Warehouse’s expertise.

“Prosper, yes, is mainly a wedding venue, but we know there’s so much more in store for it,” expressed Allie.

“I could feel God calling me to start something new.”

Allie McLouth

For the McLouths, Prosper Warehouse & Event Center was revealed to not only be a new legacy for their family but also for their surrounding community.

“We wanted to provide a unique, ahead-of-its-time venue space for every generation,” shared Allie. “But most importantly, we aim to serve and benefit our local community.”

The modern warehouse has space for up to 450 guests with an additional entertainment space above the main floor.

“The area can be divided into separate modified spaces for meetings, birthdays, and bridal party preparations,” said Allie.

Booking the venue for the client’s special day includes the main floor, lofted entertainment space, bridal suite, groom’s suite, bar, outdoor patio, and more.

“Our large outdoor patio is utilized with propane fire pits, seating, bulb-string lights, and a beautiful view,” said Allie.

Did You Know?

Prosper Country Warehouse & Event Center is apart of the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance. For more information, visit sioux metro.com.

At Prosper Warehouse, wedding celebrations can be held indoors and if the weather permits, outdoors.

“The outdoor stairs leading to the second floor can be used as a bridal entrance for outdoor ceremonies on the patio,” Allie said.

When it came to the overall design of the venue, Allie shared two words that described the space perfectly: sleek accommodations.

“Our space is designed to look sleek without any added décor,” she says. “However, we offer multiple backdrops, personalized photo booth setups, two customizable event spaces, and all the necessary tables, chairs, and table runners.”

A kitchen for catering and two bartenders are provided for each wedding.

Prosper Warehouse & Event Center offers additional amenities for a seamless and stress-free day, such as walk- away cleaning, set-up and tear-down services, and local shuttle service.

Allie mentions that the venue can be rented out at a discounted rate for brides and grooms who are looking to tie the knot on a weekday.

“As more and more clients utilize Prosper, they will easily come to find its uniqueness and benefits,” she added.

Since coming into fruition two years ago, the McLouths have loved every step of the process and made it 100% their own.

Top Piece of Advice from Allie

“At the end of the day, youl’l be married regardless of where you decide to tie the knot. Choose the people you will be working with more than the space. The rest will follow seamlessly”.

“We put every part of ourselves into it. Our beliefs, our love for people, growing our community, and hands down being able to provide more to the city of Lennox,” said Allie.

She added, “The road hasn’t been easy, but we’ve been faithful and our hope is that Prosper will continue to carry on long after we leave this earth.”

For more information, visit prospercountrywarehouse.com.