In October of 2022, Madison Motl was preparing for her own wedding when her aunt Becky suggested that Motl create her own floral arrangements.

“I thought she was crazy at first, but Becky used to work for a floral shop in Groton, so she was willing to give me some tips and guidance along the way,” said Motl.

She continued, “I began watching endless YouTube videos and calling Becky frequently with questions. She helped me find the names of every flower to order and quantities, and met with me to help find vases for my centerpieces and supplies.”

Throughout the process, Motl says Becky was battling stage four colon and liver cancer that was continuing to spread.

One week after Motl’s wedding, Becky passed away from her fight with cancer.

“The one thing I continuously thought about was how proud Becky was and how much encouragement she gave me to do my flower arrangements for my wedding.”

Madison Motl

“When I received the news, it didn’t feel real,” reminisced Motl. ”Becky was a second mom, a role model, and now a guardian angel.”

A couple of months following Becky’s death, Motl began creating bouquets and arrangements in her home in remembrance of her aunt. Motl’s love of flowers blossomed into her own business, Elegant Floral in Sioux Falls.

Elegant Floral specializes in curating personalized floral arrangements that complement customers’ floral desires.

“I decided to open this business not only because of my love of flowers and the smile on people’s faces when they receive them, but because I know if Becky were still here she would have wanted this for me and encouraged me every step of the way,” said Motl.

Get to know the florist, visionary, and wife.

5 Questions with Motl

What does the process of creating an arrangement look like?

For me, it usually starts with finding what flowers, greenery, and filler will be arranged best and finding a color match.

What’s your favorite part about working on wedding events?

I love finding out what a bride is dreaming of as far as vision, whether that be a color scheme or a Pinterest board, and making that come to life. Every step of the process from the initial meeting to dropping off their arrangements is a blast, and I’ve met some truly excellent and supportive people, both clients of my own and other wedding vendors.

What do you love most about your craft?

I love the smiles on people’s faces when you walk through the door with a delivery or arrive with their dream wedding bouquet. It’s a gratifying experience.

Florals to Fawn Over

Elegant Floral offers various floral services, such as: 

Real & Artificial Flower Arrangements
Bouquet Delivery
Full-Service Funeral Arrangements

What are your go-to spots in Sioux Falls?

Coast 2 Coast Athletic Club, McNally’s Irish Pub, and Scooter’s Coffee are all places I love.

How do you spend your time when not working?

I love to workout, especially since I’m a hot yoga instructor as well! I love spending time with my family including my two dogs, and in the summer I love being on the lake.

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