What Rahel and Tyler thought was a random Tuesday turned into their forever. 

“I went to 18th Amendment [in Sioux Falls] to meet a friend who was out with some of her coworkers and Tyler was one of the coworkers,” recalled Rahel. “Tyler and I started talking and everyone ended up leaving without telling us. So I had to be his designated driver the first night we met.”

“I’ve always felt this sense of calmness and safeness when I was with him.” 


The pair has not stopped talking since and knew early on they were the ones for each other. 

Rahel and Tyler worked with Cactus Collective Weddings to achieve their simple and intimate wedding. 

Cactus Collective Weddings specializes in stress-free destination weddings with their services allowing couples to simply, “show up and get married.” 

With venues located in Las Vegas, NV, San Diego, CA, and Black Hills, SD, Cactus Collective Wedding offers affordable packages for a micro wedding or elopement.

CC Packages

All inclusive packages
Elopement package for two
Pop up Weddings
Wedding Photography

CC Services

Bouquet & Boutonniers
Editing & Image Rights
Modern Minister
On-Site Host
On-Site Venue
Add-Ons Available

Advice from the Bride

“It’s your wedding so do what you want! Don’t feel obligated to do anything you don’t want to. Also, if you can have a wedding planner, it makes wedding planning a little less stressful.” – Rahel

“We take away the stress of finding a photographer, minister, location and florals,” said owner McKenzi Taylor. “It makes sense for people that are looking for something small and photo centric.” 

The Black Hills is a special place for Rahel and Tyler, and after finding that Cactus Collective Weddings offered services to help achieve a small and meaningful wedding, they knew it was a right fit.

The couple celebrated in Roughlock Falls in Spearfish Canyon surrounded by their closest family members.

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