Hannah and Travis met through work. Well, kind of. Hannah had a “Twitter crush” on him from afar until their paths crossed in real life. After a Facebook message and some conversation, the two have been inseparable since, celebrating their one-year marriage anniversary this past May and moving into a 1950s ranch home in central Sioux Falls.

605 Weddings caught up with the pair on how they met, what they’ve learned, and what they love most about one another.

How did you two meet?
Hannah: Before we met, I had a Twitter crush on Travis and had known of him for quite a while. We hung out in overlapping friend circles but never had the chance to connect. Then, I became Travis’ client when we were both working at marketing firms.

Travis: We have similar interests, so we were always at the same type of events and ran in similar circles. Because I get scared of pretty girls, Hannah took the initiative and started talking to me via Facebook about something work related. And we’ve been talking ever since.

When did you know you wanted to be together forever? Was there a particular moment or reason that stood out?
T: There wasn’t a particular moment, but I knew pretty quickly that I was going to marry that lady. Have you met her? There is no better human than her!

H: The summer we started dating, I was longing to be near a body of water, which happens a lot since I grew up in Minnesota. When I mentioned this, Travis didn’t miss a beat and said, “Okay, let’s go!” We went on an impromptu camping trip, and we haven’t stopped traveling together.

“She makes everything around me better, and I understood that fast.” – Travis

What was your wedding day like, and what was a favorite moment?
H: It was hot. We got married on a record high-temp Memorial Day weekend. It was absolutely beautiful, though, and we had a huge group of family and friends surrounding us. One of my favorite moments was our outdoor ceremony. I felt it was perfectly tailored to us and our beliefs about life and love.

T: What she said. And we had so many friends and family there to help us with the day, which made it perfect. It was quite lovely.

What is your biggest piece of advice for planning a wedding?
H: Get someone to help you with day-of tasks and to-dos. I absolutely loved all of the planning and details of organizing a big event, but I couldn’t do it all, especially on the big day itself. Having someone dedicated to making sure all the little things went as smoothly as possible and having the peace of mind to just focus on being a bride was such a game changer.

T: On that note, your friends also probably have skills that lend themselves to weddings (flowers, photographer, DJ, cakes). Ask them to help; I bet they’ll be happy to do so. Also, you’re not going to please every guest, so be confident in your decisions and remember the day is about you.

What was your living situation before marriage? When did you move in together and how did it differ from living as a single person?
We lived in sin for a few years before getting married and I highly recommend it! You get to learn each other’s quirks and it brings you closer.

H: Sharing a space with the person I love was, for me, the best sort of change. The one tricky part is I do need alone time to decompress from time to time, and telling the person you’re closest with that you need time alone is a bit of delicate conversation when you’re in the “honeymoon phase.”

What was it like combining your things?
It came pretty naturally for us because we have a similar style and appreciate a certain sort of aesthetic. We ended up combining a lot at first when we were renting, and then we transitioned to new stuff we purchased together when we bought our first home.

T: What Hannah said. We kept the best of each of our things, which matched our styles.

What tips do you have for registering? What are some of your favorite wedding gifts you use/love?
Do a deep dive of what you actually own before getting click happy with the registry, and prioritize what you need new, what you’d like replaced, and recognize what you have that you can keep.

T: If you’ve lived together for a bit and have your own stuff, good chances are you don’t need a lot of new things. Be okay with having categories people can donate to (honeymoon fund, travel fund, new house fund) or have custom/special items. We received handmade dishes from a local potter that will be in the family for years.

How has the first year of marriage gone? What were some highlights?
The first year of marriage went, just… fast. Highlights include purchasing a new home together and both of us starting not only new jobs, but brand new careers. We decided to go full steam ahead into some big life changes all at once, but I think having each other as a strong support system gave each of us the courage to take the leap of faith.

T: I wouldn’t change it for anything. Marriage is pretty awesome; I highly recommend it.

Did you go on a honeymoon? If so, what did you do?
We traveled to Barcelona, Spain. It was so lovely. We decided to take it easy and stay primarily in the city, which meant we could sleep in, wander around the romantic, old city neighborhood with no agenda, and take two-hour lunches complete with a bottle of wine.

T: Beaches, old cathedrals, food, and wine. What else do you need?

What are some of your favorite things about each other?
Travis is such a force of stability and steadiness. He is incredibly compassionate, and the lens through which he sees the world is uniquely positive and thoughtful. Also, he is the cook in our family, and I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate that.

T: Hannah is the most caring, kind-hearted, empathetic person I have ever met. She loves me unconditionally, and I’m forever grateful for her. The world needs more people like her. She also brings her harmonica to karaoke.

How do you deal with arguments? Do you fight the same?
It’s a constant learning experience. We continuously get better at expressing our feelings and opinions, which helps us navigate difficult situations. Most importantly, we understand that we’re on the same team.

H: We’re learning that as we go. I think we’ve gotten better at not being afraid to argue, which is something that I struggle with.

What are some of your favorite things to do with one another?
We love traveling and adventuring together. Being on the road with Travis is one of my favorite things. On the flip side, I also cherish slow and quiet Sunday mornings with both of us snuggled up on the coach with our pup reading and reflecting.

What do you do apart? Do you have hobbies you enjoy outside fo each other?
We both have outside hobbies that let us grow independently, which make us better partners. We don’t rely on the other person to fulfill every aspect of our lives, which was important for us to discuss before getting married.

H: I play and teach piano. I do book club, he’s done Game of Thrones viewings. We definitely go our separate ways and are really comfortable and confident in doing so.

What is a big thing you’ve learned after your first year of marriage?
Marriage, like anything, takes practice. Self-awareness and empathy is crucial.

T: Be patient and take a second before your emotions get the better of you. And try to put yourself in your partner’s shoes.

You have some big news…
Baby E is due April 2020! We are absolutely over the moon to be parents.

T: Our child will rule the world!

What does this mean to you growing as a family?
I think this means even more learning for us, especially seeing how we each approach our new roles as not only partners, but parents. It also means reliving some of our favorite childhood memories, but experiencing that joy and wonder as our new family.

T: As long as can remember, all I really ever wanted was a family. More than a career, material objects, or money. The fact that I get to live that dream every day brings me more joy than I can express.

Anything to add about being newlyweds?
Be aware of not only your intention as a partner, but your impact. Embrace what you love doing together. Make each other your priority, but don’t be afraid to continue growing and push each other as individuals, too.

T: Be patient and talk to each other. You’re on the same team. And remember to marry up.